Welcome to HB Health of Knightsbridge – Laser Clinic in London

At HB Health we are always on the lookout for the foremost surgical, non-surgical treatments and procedures. For us that means treatments and procedures that are advanced yet safe and that deliver the very best results.

All our doctors and practitioners have extensive knowledge, expertise and experience in best anti-ageing and aesthetic procedures. We are at the forefront of both surgical and non-surgical treatments.

All HB Health practitioners are actively involved in an array of international medical, aesthetic and anti-ageing conferences and courses worldwide.

“Our ethos is that the optimum natural look is achieved with the best natural procedures.”

We believe that a good treatment is an un-noticeable one – in our experience the one for which you will receive many compliments on looking fabulously refreshed, but without anyone pinpointing the treatment you have had.

We are committed to delivering you the very best and safest treatment, always.



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